In a land filled with wonder and enchantment, where dreams come true and letters to Santa require a very special delivery. Families will journey through the Candy Cane Land and Enchanted Forest in search of Santa’s Merry Mailroom.  Assisted by Santa’s Elves, challenges and tasks await them on this journey, whilst they embark on an adventure to deliver their very own letter to Santa in his cosy cabin.

Open from the 18th November to 24th December and set in the heart of the Trafford Centre by the Dolphin Fountain, this is a Grotto experience not to be missed. 


An immersive introduction to an unforgettable entertainment experience, at the start of your journey, you’ll find yourself in Candy Cane Land. With a warm welcome, you’re encouraged to begin writing your letter to Santa before embarking on the next adventure, surrounded by towering candy canes and sparkling lights.


Stepping into a new world, you’ll continue the festive experience into the Enchanted Forest, where you’ll seek out Santa’s Merry Mailroom.

By making your way through a snow-filled forest, together with your family, you’ll encounter Flossy the Forest Elf and Sparkle the Sleep Elf, who as always, are ready with some handy directions and a snowball or two to instigate another one of their famous snow fights.

Here, you’ll need to discover the correct route to reach Santa’s Merry Mailroom, in the hope that the precious letters will be delivered on time.


Step into the delightful disarray of Santa’s Merry Mailroom. This magical mailroom goes beyond the imagination. With letters zipping across the room, blanketing every visible surface, it’s a whirlwind of festive communication.

You must ensure your letter to Santa is posted into the magical mailbox, before lending Miracle, the Mailroom Elf a hand. As always, things are not quite going to plan. Miracle is in need of assistance to get the letters into the right mailboxes and she needs your help!


The moment you’ve been waiting for… it’s time to enter Santa’s cosy cabin for your meet and greet opportunity.

Thankfully, your family’s hard work has paid off and Santa received the letters by special delivery. It’s time to read through your letter with Santa and his Head Elf, Holly, before having a professional photo taken and receive your Christmas gift in this special moment. Professional photos can be purchased additionally, at the Photo Collection point.


The time slot of your chosen booking at The Grotto is a 15 minute window for entry. To begin your journey into the Candy Cane Land, each child must be accompanied by at least one festive elder, with no more than five Christmas explorers in one group. To ensure a seamless passage to the wonderland that awaits, kindly arrive 5 minutes before your designated booking slot.


At the heart of the festive season, we treasure the universal magic of Christmas. To ensure the ‘Dear Santa’ experience is a joy for every child, including those with Special Educational Needs and Autistic Spectrum Disorder, we’re introducing ‘Whispering Winter’ sessions. Recognising that a bustling grotto might be overwhelming for some, these sessions will have many of The Grotto’s sounds gently muted, creating a calm and magical setting for all to meet Santa.

Thursday 23rd November (1:30pm – 8pm)
Monday 4th December (1:30pm – 8pm)

Please contact us for more information [email protected]

Child – £25 pp | Adult – £7.50 pp

Babies (Under 12 months) – Free (no gift will be given with this ticket)

[A baby can attend for free with the purchase of 1 child ticket + 1 adult ticket. If there are no other children in the booking, a baby would be considered as the child to meet the minimum requirement]

Each booking carries a small yuletide service fee at checkout and is sealed with North Pole magic, making it non-refundable. The Grotto is a magical journey through our immersive wonderland, best experienced with your fellow Christmas companions from your chosen time slot. If you’re dreaming of experiencing the magic with more friends or family, make sure you all hop onto the same booking slot, or book simultaneous times if your group is a gathering of more than five. Every entry requires at least one festive elder and one child with no more than five Christmas explorers in one group.

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